MB - AF RT255

This is Darrell Milnes old bike, I've done a few bikes for him and engines since the 1980's. This one is a Race-Tour 255 with a 64mm crank and 71mm piston. It's one of our older MB UK cylinders, which started life as a piston port engine, then was converted to a reed and eventually reconverted to a MB shorty Reed as it is now. It runs a special one off crank and it's just been upgraded with a few tweaks. Darrell had the very first RT190 and it's still running.

this Scooter has lived with us for 3 years, when it came in we were busy, then Darrell changed his mine, changed it again, changed it again, then we were bust again, then he left the country and changed his mind again then sold it....... can you keep up I can't. Anyway one of our good customers who's already had a RT230 kit which has 3 Euros under its belt already, has bought it. Nothing special there you say, well it is when he lives on the south coast of Spain and he's done 20'000 Kms! So I had to pull my finger out to finish it as he only gave me 2 weeks notice when I thought it was here on show for another 2 years. It's had new forks overhauled with a new hydraulic disc so I've swapped them over and set up the disc with MB grips, MB bar ends and MB clutch lever. And of course it's had all MB internals fitted in the forks and hub. The top end and crank has been overhauled and I've fitted a new MBgm Clubman.

It's been dynoed and set up and fitted an M Tech to cool off the motor for long distances.

Check out the dyno graphs, it's 24bhp with 18 lbs torque and does a roll on from 2500 rpm........ incredible! It pulls like a train with super wide spread of power with good revs as well. When riding outside our unit, you just let the clutch out at tick over and it rips your arms off. What a Scooter engine and no spit back!

Is it a genuine AF 60's bike? No it's not but is such a good genuine bike added with stickers it certainly looks period and what a pleasure to work on a bike which has all original bodywork and fits! I've even tried to keep all the original screws, but I do draw a line somewhere! Darrel already upgraded it with a bike shocker, big tank and a few other bits. So it's a bit of 60's brought into 2013.

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You can see more about the reed valve conversion here