MB - Race Scooters

Not only was I restoring Scooters, building and designing custom Scooters I found the time and looking back I really don't know how but I found time to build and develop Race Scooters and run a Race team. Here's some of them. Not all we didn't have mobiles in those days! There's Bikes I'm so proud of and great memories. Some of these photos are my favorites, snap shots of history in time.

Rob Miller and his group 4 bike, that's below and I think my favorite photo I ever took, you need to know Rob to know that is one happy smile! And we have been friends ever since. He could lead half a lap on the 1st lap incredible! And at only 25bhp but was so much quicker than the heros of the time and it was me who pushed the horse power at the time, thinking out of the box and the other dealers chaced me bhp and look where it went?. He was the last person to beat Dave Webster and Dave retired after that! There's pictures of Hammy's Group 5, 150 who beat Ralph on a 250! There's photos of Graham Gees Group 6 who beat Guy Topper on the Cooler who no one could beat at the time....... days before mobiles and Graham had to find a telephone box as I waited at home for it to ring....... and not expecting, I won I beat Guy! A memory I've never forgot and I think my 1st win!  And then there's my sprinter from 1997 which was 40bhp the 1st ever! And a maximum limit I held for 70 years of history! Takes some working out but true! And then there's the sprint times all of these bikes did, we set long forgotten records at the time that others are still trying to beat 20 years later. Racing I think I've done my time at that, those were the days

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