MB - Dealer Special Schwalbe

We built this for my oldest mate Rex we were apprentices together at the bus depot and still keep in touch for a drink, meal and catch up. It started life and an Indian import. It sports the second UK MB RT190 cylinder kit with a 24mm Mikuni and a one off MB Clubman and as usual it's built with all MB and BGM parts.

It uses a DC electronic ignition that Mark tested years ago and a new development bob weight crankshaft which gives no vibration!

We've seen 21bhp with a race pipe on this but from memory its around 18bhp as it is....... Standard RT.

As part of the promotion for the company we did the NEC motorcycle trade show and built this bike to show off the tyres.

Nice bike shame the tyre company shafted us after we put them on the map in the UK…....

We're now talking about adding murals for Sava, Continental and Heidenau our preferred tyres, it left the building in Savas MC18's!

ask mark@seriousoutdooors.co.uk