Pete Postlethwaite


I've no idea what I liked about Pete Postlethwaite, I just know he's been a hero of mine for ever!

He's not a good looking man by any means and he's not a action man and he's not a Sportsman, I think it's because he's a normal man with a normal accent, a mans man and a working man, not a pompous arse like lots of actors that we see and he's got nothing to do with Scooters either!

There doesn't seem a week without him been in a film on television, whatever the part large or small he just commands the screen!

Unfortunately I never met the man, I wish I did, but I do know of people who knew him and this is how I came by this hand signed photo which he signed 'to Broady all the best Pete Postlethwaite'

Ian Hepworth my manager always knew I liked Pete, unbeknown to me Ian knows a West Ham supporter who lives in Canada and works for a film studio where Pete would go to work. Pete and Ian's friend liked a pint and would pop off to a bar to get away from work........ now where have I heard that before? 

Anyway in conversion, Ian asked his mate to ask if Pete would sign a photo for me, when he asked Pete he said 'Broady I know that name but don't know where from"

And for a wedding gift Ian presented me with this photo and it's the only thing left worth keeping from that marriage!

Then over the years I bumped into to people who also knew Pete, two of my old School teachers who I still see had Pete as their best man as they all went to collage together, small world or what, maybe they said Pete you should meet this Broady he's wrecked our house ever new years for years......... right!

Then I stayed with another friends wife in New York City who worked for MGM and brushed noises with the stars, in her flat on the mantle piece was a photo of her with Anthony Hopkins arm around her, bloody hell another hero of mine. When I asked they were very good friends and she had to call him Tony.

I mentioned Pete and she just smirked and raised her hand and twisted it back and forth and I'm sure people will say that about me when I'm gone.......... that Broady liked a drink!

I was sat next to this person one night in a Manhattan restaurant I offered to pay but she would have non of it and got a MGM cheque book out and signed it in front of me, high up or what! Glad really $400!And so there it is Pete rest in peace, mate.