MB It always happens to me


Whilst most are away on a weekend, I'm preferring to stay home, catch up in the garden, do jobs around the house have the grand kid and do grown up things, thats if I'm not working that is. Really the thought of a Scooter Rally fills me with dread...... I'm doing it everyday 24/7 and more, I dream jobs and designs. So it helps to stay away and cut some ties if I can. This weekend was no exception, a weekend break and finally the relentless rain had stopped, and for the first time I could eat a Chinese sat in the garden and have breakfast the next day sat outside in our garden that I have worked on for 15 years, lovely!

We hadn't had a good week, having been 'shit on by the tyre company' had really kicked in. I had survived the restructure buying and selling tyres between November into February. I had wheeled and dealed to start a fresh and move forward into 2012. Out of the blue we had been shit on and a big % of our turn over each week disappeared! To say I was pissed off was an understatement, like why me? As I've said in other places one door closes and others open but it's never easy, I've got to constantly work at it, sometimes writing an article or doing a spread sheet for 20 hours to get £200 from it. But without it we would have been in trouble years ago.

I remember a conversation with our accountant in March when he was told the story about our tyre supplies and he asked 'how will you continue without that turnover of tyres' The answer was 'We've got the MB BGM Big Box Clubman due June and the MB BGM Race-Tour kits, these will turn over what we've lost' 'Just got to survive until June!' And now we are at the end of July and no big new products to sell.

We'd picked up the new tyre deals but these don't happen over night, we have loads of stock, the web site was built in a week, but no descriptions or photos. Every time we set up to do them, work came in and paying work these days come first. I've even tuned kits the same day and called back the customer to come and get them.

It's just a case of do anything to survive in this climate but when money doesn't come in things get dire! So I forced myself to finish the new web site www.Scootertyrestore.co.uk and I've lost count of the amount of hours I've spent in the last two weeks saying up until after 2am to get it done. People don't see this, they just think I'm loaded, I wish, nothing like it........ If I don't do it no one else will and at the end of the day it's my business.

So after not a particularly good week or so and hearing from everyone I speak to that the tap was turned off for some in June and us in July, it's all happening again! To be honest I can't cope with all that shit again, why can't this government shut up with doom and gloom and stop pulling the wool over our eyes and let people get on with their lives and let them spend money …......... with us ideally! Peoples got money they're just scared to spend anything and it's telling alright!

When I get fed up like this the stress and the depression creeps in, I'd checked the online orders and there wasn't many, your mind thinks of all sorts and panic steps in. I sat in the pub quietly mulling on things as the old boys and girls were all chit chatting. It was only conversations of the Tour de France that lifted me and the thought of the Alps last month and seeing the Tour marked out on lots of the roads we did on the big bike and I started to feel better! That, or a few beers, when I got home with things still on my mind I started work on more of the tyre article to get it finished...... we're hoping the tyres will pull us through but knowing my luck it will be too late but at least I'm trying. But I'm getting sick of trying, I've been working for years to get my fingers in as many pies as possible to survive, it is monotonous to say the least. But as I've said to Scooter Center 'good things come to he who waits' thats why we're not rushing the RT or Big Box as they have to be perfect the best we can to get them right before sales start!

After another few hours later on a Sunday night I retired to bed, as soon as my head hit the pillow I thought 'god to I feel like shit' my joints hurt and felt like flu, great thats all I need. Maybe it's the stress or my constant abscess in one of my teeth, maybe now the rains topped it's hayfever again. I'd only been asleep an hour when the garage alarm when off at 3am shitting me up from a deep sleep. Nice running down the garden to see whats up, false alarm as usual. I'd woke up and did I feel like crap! So with a lot of tossing and turning I tried to sleep but had to be up early to open the shop, so no sleeping it off!

After all this rain it was nice to see the sun out even at this god unearthly time to cycle to work and open up! I grabbed my Summer long johns for the first time, I've been using winter long johns and water proofs for weeks. I grabbed my Dennis the Menace cycle top, a size too small, which makes me look like Bradley Wiggins with a beer belly! Then realised I needed a jacket as the nettles are Jurassic all the way to work, I even get my face stung! I opened the door and it was hot for the first time. I checked the weather on the phone and it was sun for a week, no more water proofs! Great, a nice dry cycle to work.

But I was grumpy, things still on my mind, a bad nights sleep, I felt like shit, the alarm had gone off, I got the bike out and went to set off, dam I'd locked up and not even got my helmet out! Arrr back in the garage, by now I had a sweat on! As I turned the corner the wind was blowing sharp in my face, great a hard long slog all the way up the valley to work! Still glad I had the long johns on and jacket as the nettles just do not disappear on the paths..... whats up with Engish councils? France clear paths non stop, on about trying to get people away from cars onto cycles!

By the time I'd done 3 miles on the long head down climb into the wind I felt better, nothing like exercise to clear the mind and straighten out the brain. As I get to the top of the long climb I hit the fastest drop over 4 jumps criss crossing the snaking path coming the other way. I've got it off to a fine art, at the bottom of the hill I have to come of the old railway line and double back up a steep slope I call the technical section. If anyones going to fall off it's here. I'd fallen a few times in the winter in ice but now I'd cracked it. Come off the fast hill, alter all the gears so I'm in 3rd, have a little sprint and pull over the hump!

But with all this rain the hump has changed, the other week it was raining so hard the water has cut a new channel just where you need to be as you sprint around the blind bend to get to the top. I'd been blaming the motocrosses for cutting the channel. You need to see how much rain can come off the woods, one day I was cycling into a stream, cycling down a stream and had streams coming off the hills, amasing!

Not only do I have to compete with Enduros, Trial bikes and Motocrosses but now theres a F..king quad or two goes up the woods. I've been on a couple of these strange beasts, not a car and not a bike, to be honest they're god dam awful and all they've done is ripped up the woods and and made quagmires that I've had to wade through for weeks.

Back to my hump, the bit of a hill is where the bloody quad has cut up my run up, normally it's easy, select the right gear, a bit of a sprint and honk it to the top. But now there's a 6'' mud bath at the bottom my run up gets stopped dead, it throws you off balance, I've got to miss the perfect line which is the rain rut which pushes me onto the steeper slippery bit. And thats what happened today. I do this every day, I never take it for granted because its covered in slippy limestone rocks get it wrong which I've done before and cracked my head and thats why I wear a helmet! So as I'm nearing the top, with spent energy and the rear tyre just spins! I manage a few turns and I start to go backwards and then that happens? Your in deep shit and I was! Yes I got it wrong right at the top, I went to unclip my shoes from the pedals but of course the left foot never unclips when you want it to. I looked down as I'm tottering over the edge I put my elbow out as I do to break what was going to be a big 2 meter fall from my head to the ground then another 3 meter drop to the bottom.

As you should I relaxed, I've always remembered on a crash and fall 'relax shut your eyes and it will be ok!' The next I know in slow motion as these things happen, I'm sliding backwards down the hump. I'm thinking now I know why you see skiers tumbling without stopping or someone bounding down a mountain, it was the same for me I was heading down the hill backwards still clipped to the bike and the bike is following me. I'm thinking theres a 2 foot drop over a wall just here and then it's a foot deep overflowed stagnant puddle. Oh I'm in trouble here, just as I hit the bottom I spun over and laid half in and half out of the water including my head, piss wet through and covered in mud from head to toe! I'd missed the wall fall luckily. Bloody hell the hottest dryest day of the year and I was going to drowned I was still strapped to the peddles and I was still gripping the handle bars! Stupid fool! I kicked off the bike knelt up then staggered myself out of the filthy mud puddle, then I started to laugh like a silly fool not before I had a good look around to see if anyone was walking the dog!

And thats how accidents happen! But by now I wasn't pissed off, stressed or worked up with myself over work. I spent the next few minutes still battling through the most sticky mud after some warm weather still laughing like a nutter who's been locked up and escaped!

Nothing like a good fall off to cheer you up.

As the day went on I reflected all the times I'd been out on the mountain bike with friends who had spectacularly crashed in my company. I was out with my brother in law, climbing a long hill in the woods, he was storming off and I stayed with my sister talking, I was talking she couldn't breath, then I realised Andy was way ahead, when you do a long climb there's a quicker drop on the other side which Andy didn't know about! Opps I stood up and shot off to catch him, too late when I got to the top he was gone! Then his head popped up 200 yards below above the nettles, wow he had gone straight over the cliff and survived! I did my usual and howled out loud. I used to cycling up this section, which could be only done when conditions where right. Half way up there was a root and you had to shove your body over it or you was tumbling back down the way you came! One day just at this point there was a bloke stood in my why and said 'E lad tha av a artattack doing that' all he got from me was 'I'm trying to avoid that' Thats when I was 20 years ago and I'm probably fitter now.

I was out with Max once hammering down a hill in the wood racing, flat out off road in top gear, I came to a wood bridge and flew over it all the way to another bridge and slammed the breaks on. I only heard a thud! Then nothing, baring in mind the little path is 50 feet above a shear drop and went back up hill to find Max! I passed him but couldn't see him, I heard a grown and a 'help me Broady' to turn around to see arms and legs wrapped around his bike. In great style I howled again and pulled the bike off him to find he broke his nose and arm and had to limp home where I'd got his loving wife ready to take him to hospital!

The same happened to Hammy racing through the woods near my old works, Rob Miller had slammed his breaks on to stop ready for the off road section and had a big blow out, Rob was out of the down hill section having peddled for ages uphill just to get to get to the top only to have to walk back to my house! Hammy been a Scooter racer I thought would keep up he did for a bit then quiet! I peddled all the way up the woods to find him also pushing his bike after crashing into a tree and broke his collar bone again and he'd done that before when I over tuned his 150 and he flipped on the start line at Cadwell.

Hammy got his own back in Newcastle when he sent me over a hump and on the other side there was no ground I don't know how I didn't kill myself but it but a grin on his face!

And then there's my mate Rex who owns the Schwalbe bike in the shop. I took him up the quarry looking down a big hill he look nervous, I said nothing to it, watch me, I went to the bottom and ran back up, just as he's doing the drop, he went too late to hear me say 'put your arse over the back of the bike and if in doubt, wear a helmet'. Yes he lost control got to the bottom and ploughed his bald head into the loose limestone and did a break dance impression and spun round a few times! All he remembers is me at the top of the hill howling with laughter! He was cover in blood and I still laughed. He tried one more time to come out with me up the pit top with a ravine I said lift the front wheel and bunny hop the rest he just dropped the front wheel in the hole and disappeared. When he got up he said 'thats it I'm never going out with you again your mad' And thats why I have no friends!

And because of all these light hearted things that happen to me and the experiences I like to enjoy all the conversions I had all that day with dealers, customers and reps who talked of nothing but doom and gloom passed without me falling into that deep pit of despair!

Always look on the bright side of life, well I do try, so when you say 'Broady that miserable ignorant twat', just think I've got things on my mind, I'm laughing inside honest!

It wasn't until I got home that night I realised how knackered I was, I was ill. The next day I got the technical section bang on, full of confidence I'm racing through the woods, but now it's sunny in and out of shade and bugger me how many branches had fallen down? I could't see them with my shades on and crashed into every one. So now it's 32 degrees at work and I'm not feeling too good and still have to grind, tune, make parts and weld. I'm not kidding I had sweat dripping off my head like a tap all day. By the end of the day I only had a quick job to do, but I was spent, I sat down to think oh I'm not well must have been the Kebab! At times like this I wish I had a car, but I haven't thats my commitment to save the business some money, I didn't even have the energy to get the big bike out......... I wasn't looking forward to this trip home! And it was a case of 1st gear up every hill and free wheel down where ever I could and I still hit the bloody fallen branches and every uphill felt like I'd pulled all my muscles. By the time I was home tonight I was well and truly Bolloxed! The bruising has come out and I aching from the fall and feel beat up from the inside and out!

And tomorrow I've got to be up early as we're short staffed.

Back to work, well I just darn't say, times are really hard, no one spends money, you don't know whats happening from one day to the next. We're busy but it's loads of small orders put into jiffy bags! The year did start well and we've been investing in new designs and new products............ more on these as they come.

Anyone want my GP Electronic or a full carbon fibre body kit off it? Needs must, I said I'd never sell it.