MB - Stepped mounting rubber

'We were so fed up with poor quality products we decided to make our own' It's a saying that pops up on our web site from time to time with products we just had to make as the other parts on the market are just not up to it.

Here's one - our new MB stepped carb mounting rubber to suit 26, 28 and 30mm Dellorto PHBH carbs down or up to the Amal Mk2 28, 30, 32, 34mm and Mikuni TMX35mm carb. There's a few more it will also fit but these are the common ones.

So if you run a 34mm Amal inlet manifold on a TS1 and you want to down size the carb to gain power spread and fuel economy you can now very simply do so with this stronger carb mounting rubber. Like wise if your running a Dellorto 26, 28 or 30mm manifold and you want to run a larger 34/35mm carb you can.

Designed by Mark Broadhurst and made to the same standards of our other manifold rubbers. Now marked with MB to come inline with our business restructure. Good enough for us, good enough for Dellorto UK, good enough for you. Available from all good MB stockists.

Stepped mounting rubber 40 - 36mm

Mark Broadhurst  5.8.2013