MB - 25mm Small block Inlet

It's rare we get complaints about our products, but these days we wonder what is expected and the smallest thing can get a complaint! I wonder if these people complain about inferior Indian and Vietnam parts which are flooding the country by others who show no care and passion to the parts and products they buy and let out to the public! The more of these products we see the more we are pushed to make new products to try to set us apart from the rest.

We probably sell more inlet manifolds than anyone else and have sold thousands since we did our first inlet manifold in the 1980's. All our manifolds have been sand cast. As with all sand castings it's hard to be perfect in manufacturing especially when we're not casting them yourself ..... this has lead to a real small amount of complaints, silly little ones which can be sorted out very easily with a bit of fettling! One person can complain and another fits them with no bother and they still work.

When we started making these we had no idea we would be still selling these 20 years later. We never even expected the tooling to last this long but they have. But because of the small complaints we've had plus we only have Mark on the manufacturing side of the company, we now sub them out to our CNC guys to help cover demand out but this creates delays. So what did we do? Mark went and made a new casting pattern and had these die cast which is a much better manufacturing process and then the same factory CNC machined them for we hope.......... near perfection as we can afford.

This was our first manifold done in this way to check out the manufacturers and quality. And we are happy, turn around was very quick so now Mark has to get get on with the other manifolds. This is the 25/150 inlet manifold which means its fits all Small Block cylinders with the shorter studs. It fits the Dellorto 22, 24, 25mm PHBL. It also fits the Mikuni TM24mm and both types fit with the air filter box which is our recommend carbs to up grade the shity Jetex 22mm and still use the air box. Now there's one or two people out there copying our manifolds so always insist on genuine MB products.

MB Small Block 22- 25mm Dellorto inlet manifold

Hand made pattern for copying

Perfect fitting

Polished and cleaned to adecent standard to copy

Start to finish from a quote to a photo 3 weeks! This is the first time we saw the new inlet

And withing 4 weeks we had a sample on our desk and polished too

And then the big batch arrived and they all look like this

Beautifully machined on the gasket face

A fine die cast line

They are so good the 2 holes don't need spot facing

Clean and tidy on the inlet track, either fit and forgot like this or give it a polish

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