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I've tried to group information in a common sense order, sometimes this is not easy, sometimes you may think an article fits into 'Fitting Instructions' but could fit into 'Setting up instructions' both are different. It just needs a little thought. If in doubt have a flick around, there's thousands of hours of writing and hundreds of photos. It's all there, you just need to find it in any of these sections.

And remember this Tech-Site is constantly been added to it's like a magazine dedicated to Lambrettas and Engineering from MrBee.


Tells you all about cylinder tuning from Mark's beginnings taking you through all the stages and how and why we do what we do.


Here you can read all about the different kits on the market from all suppliers for Small and Large block cylinders. It gives history of the kits, whats good and bad with them and what we can offer to repair or improve them.


Mark is considered a bit of an engineer, he's actually a PSV fitter by trade, but wanted more from life so have become self taught in many aspects of engineering stemming from been a mechanic interested in tuning 2-strokes. Here you will see machining, welding, repairs and developments that Mark get up to.


Life's easier for us to print fitting instructions, it saves us been constantly on the phone or email telling people the same old thing. For everything we sell there should be an instruction if required. Here you will see links to MB and BGM fitting instructions.



Mark's not known for doing restorations, it's something some time consuming he doesn't get time to do them. But he has restored lots of Scooters, here you can see the history of bikes he's built from his own bikes, to race bikes and customers bikes.


It's very important to make tuned engines run right, these need setting up correctly to work right and be reliable. Here you will find all the instructions to set up and run an engine. This started life as back up for our engine rebuilds and ended up going into something massive. This information applies to every engine not just MB engines. Most of the questions and answers on forums either come from this information or is there for the novices to read.


Every part of an engine or Scooter can be broken down into sections and explained individually. Throw them altogether and its complicated, read all about each section item by item to fully understand an engine and how each part works.


Mark has tuned probably more engines than anyone else. If you don't believe then we can produce engine and tuning information of every cylinder tuned. Today it's 1750+ cylinders tuned. Plus on top of that are hundreds of factory style cylinder kits and casings tuned. Here you can see how it's done from the professionals.