BGM - Electronic flywheel

It's been a long wait but they are finally here and are well worth it. The quality is perfect as you would expect from a Germany made product.

These come as a one piece affair, no more rivets to shear, no more cracked flywheels and no fins flying off! They come in Gp or Li, Tv, Sx tapers and work with all Lambretta style electronic stators - BGM, SIL, Indian copies, AF or Vespa converted.

Timing marks are on the flywheel for you, all you need to do is find top dead center and mark the mag housing and strobe the system as normal.

Both types weigh 2kg and are perfectly balanced to suit all engines. We are listing complete ignition systems using the BGM Red look Gp Electronic coils, we also have the blue versions or retro look coils. They come with BGM Ac/Dc regulator/rectifiers and are finished off with the MB Reg/Rec and coil rubbers. And of course we can offer wiring looms, ignition/light switches, horns, bulbs, light units, even the timing marks are designed to set up Agusto and M Tec ignitions - in fact everything to make the ultimate versatile Lambretta ignition system.

And ever part is available separately and are interchangeable with all SIL, AF and Vespa parts so you can piece together a budget system to suit you. These flywheels should be the basis of all Electronic ignitions aiming for maximum reliability.

Setting instructions can be read here for setting the timing up

Fitting instructions for the stator plate is here

Wiring for reg/rec is here

Wiring loom diagrams are here

Mark Broadhurst 6.8.2013