UK BGM Official distributors

I guess by now everyone knows of Bgm Lambretta and Vespa products. Well maybe I presume too much! I'm always hearing do you sell Lambretta parts? Or do you sell Lambretta gaskets! Oh where has people been for the last 25 years? Lets clear up some facts. Bgm is one of Scooter Center Kolns brand names. Mark Broadhurst - MB and Scooter Center have worked together very closely for over 20 years. Mark has tuned co owners Ulfs and Oliver’s Scooters along with their manager Philipp Montforts personal Scooters. And has tuned 100's of kits and engineered many products for the German market. We have met many times in the UK and Europe on business, race meetings and pleasure.

With this close working relationship Mark and his business was made the official distributor for Bgm products in the UK some 6 years ago. Using our large dealer network we helped distribute and develop the Bgm product line. Quality products, good stock levels, great packaging, real warranties, nice fitting instructions and feed back between both companies has made the product grow to one of the best selling brands for Scooters in the UK. This has not been easy, it means both companies putting in thousands of hours on design, feedback, processing hours and lots of money on investment.

But it is unfortunate that when someone in the UK does well with a product some one else wants a piece of the cake and will do anything to try to go around the back door and cheat on the deal we created together. In our cash flow trouble times 2 years ago, two UK dealers tried to take over the Bgm distributorship and was firmly told by Scooter Center that they knows all about MB's problems and were 100% behind what we had to do.

Today it's coming to our attention that there have been some grey imports occurring. This pops up every now and then, with storeys of shrugged shoulders, nowt to do with me, I don't know ask MB and customers are passed back to us to offer warranties. Now we know our job, we check our computer and if they are not a customer we say 'you need to go back down the chain to where you got the part from'. If it's one of our official MB dealers we can sort these little niggles out between us. If it's a dealer who has no stock ordering/sales history how can we offer the correct warranty by law? It's the same for people at trade shows or ebay. Somewhere down the line we know how the parts are been supplied. If you want genuine Bgm products and the full warranty that we give, buy them from genuine MB/Bgm stockists. Obviously you don't know this when your passing over your money, ask the question if it's not what you want to hear be careful and always get a receipt! Too many times we hear I got it at a show, we ask who from and they say 'I don't know they had no banner and gave no receipt'! Just be careful, please don't try it on with us we are too clever and too anal with our sales history. These grey areas are been looked at and we are working on improving them so people buy from the proper channels to keep the good name of MB, SCK and Bgm. So dealers trying it on have been warned. If you are a MB/Bgm dealer there is enough mark up to make selling our products worth while, prices are agreed and all that fluctuates is the Pound to Euro and postage prices. Why someone needs to try and go around the back door we don't know as it will cost more long term especially with the loss of our warranties system!

This relationship continues to grow to this day, with new products been made and developed from both companies. Our close working relationship led to us to sell the first Lambretta BGM product the rear shocker. With feedback from us and sales in the UK the shocker was developed to the quality product it is today. We moved onto the Bgm Lambretta Electronic 80/120 watt stator plates taking the market by storm both based on the more powerful Vespa stators. Version 2 followed with complaints of low powered lights, with a few tweaks the stators where renamed and dropped the 80/120 watt versions for the most powerful Lambretta stator plate. This was fully tested and developed to get the most power from a Lambretta flywheel which was the limiting factor. Today we can announce after a few weeks of no stock we have the new V3 AC stator plate back in stock. Minor tweaks have occurred to improve ignition and light power along with power output and strength in windings, wire thickness and clearances. Now we have the Bgm flywheel it is a perfect match to make a stronger reliable Electronic Ignition system. It's improved even further with the Bgm regulator / rectifier and Bgm Vespa style coils. We have reg/rec and coil rubbers and looms to finish off the new complete MBgm Electronic system.

All these parts are interchangeable with existing AF, Vespa and SIL Electronic parts so buy in confidence and insist on genuine Bgm products from genuine the MB/Bgm dealer network.

Please share this link to help fellow Scooterists and make people aware we are on the case to Grey imports.