MB Dyno /


I'm getting pushed for an engine to be finished and wants it dyno testing before it is collected. I've not needed the dyno since we moved as we've been busy doing lots of other things and if you've been following us on FB over the last few years you will know I've done my time in the dyno room testing the RT cylinder kits and the MBgm Big Box which is all listed in the Tech Site. Now the Clubmans are here and the last sample RT kits will be with me next week I've got new products to get on with. So I've cleaned up the room, swept up the Rat shit, I've rewired the starter system, got a new battery, rewired the charging circuit and immobiliser and generally tidied up the dyno. The computer side still works and as I was re familiarising myself with the software I came across a couple of old engines I did 1) 34.7bhp 23lbs torque and 2) and one at 29.4bhp with 23lbs torque at 6300rpm! It's not all about super high figures, it's about ride-ability and reli-ablity and in the next few months there will be lots of RT MB touring tunes coming up and more developments for the new Touring Dev-Tour and a new top end road race pipe along with a few other things to help develop new MB products.

Mark Broadhurst 8.5.2013