Bored so made this /

Bored? As if...............!

My life is never boring, I'm always up to something or somethings always happening to me and then there's work which is never quiet and I never run out of something to do!

I've been thinking of this idea for many years, it's part of a new engine stand I keep re addressing. As it was on my mind all night and I couldn't sleep I thought I would just get on with it today! But why you ask? Well I've been building Lambretta engines for 34 years and I've never needed one of these tools, but every engine I've done, I've dreaded doing the side casing, I don't know why I just hate doing them! Engines are stacking up and I'm thinking of the future and the Scooter School so I'm looking at making special turning engine stands, like nothing any one has ever done before and not even the factory. I've drawings in books all over the place, I have the steel but don't have the time just now. So I thought if I did this tool, life would be easier assembling the side casing........ gosh and how easy was to have two free hands and be able to work on the side cover in 3 locked positions. That's what it is......... its a turning locking variable crankcase side tool where I can work on it from 3 directions.

Mark Broadhurst 5.2013