A big thanks to our customers

We get thanks for our services regularly, but it's rare we get letters sent these days, it's always over the phone, email or through our web site.

So last week it was a pleasant surprise to have a random customer out of the blue go out of his way to write a nice thank you letter saying these words.

'Dear all at MB, many thanks for your prompt, generous all round excellent service provided to me recently. Just goes to show that the big shops still can care for their customers and fellow Scooterists'

Thanks for that Geoff it's much appreciated and does mean a lot to me and the lads.

I pride my self on service, it's something I've taught the lads to do, not that I need to all the guys I've employed have been well respected people. I learn't get that phone as soon as you can and deal with it the best way you can. Ok we can not always be perfect and we all have bad days, but we do try.

When I worked at a Scooter shop in the 80's I would watch the owner sit next to the phone as it rung and rung and rung! He would sit drinking a beer and smoking a fag, it could ring 10 times before he answered it. I couldn't stand it wasn't me. When I went into business the phone call could make or break the day, week, month or year. Nothings changed, in these hard days it could be a big order or a small order either way it's service to deal with the customer the best you can.

These days it's not always easy, there's only 4 of us at the best of times, 3 days a week there's only 2 - 3 and the odd day there's on;y one of us. We have 4 telephone lines, I'm usually in the workshop and can't hear the phone, then someone maybe serving a customer in the shop. We're not a big company but we are in a big building because it's cheap. If we're in the kitchen or toilet by the time we get to the phone it's rung off. If you’re one who can't get us just leave it 5 minutes and we will get to the phone.

We do pride ourselves on offering a great service, I try to answer the many emails within the day as does the lads. We use feedback good and bad to develop our business, we check forums and face book to check out when we're mentioned. Randomly without asking we get great feedback for our products.

Again only this week a customer gave us this feedback for his new Race-Tour cylinder kit - Hi Mark. Just got my RT kit-looks too good to be hidden away under crappy tinware. Then again a few days later - Hi Mark. Ive got my RT kit fitted and it is bloody brilliant. I have to confess that I was cynical about it being that much better than my Mugello but it is way better!

And if I ever get fed up with life and the odd remarks on a forum I only need to look on our Web shop and check out our 'reviews' and 'testimonials' these are enough to lift anyone and makes life worth carrying on...............

SO this is a big thank you to all of our customers who have ever taken the time to say thanks to Mark and all the MB team.......... it is much appreciated.

Mark Broadhurst 18.7.2013